Family Accommodations

My youngest sibling was born right before my senior year in high school—when I already had one foot out the door and was about to start the next chapter in my life. While we’ve always loved each other and spent time together, he and I have never really

Chad Mood

My baby brother proving that sassy attitudes runs in the family.

lived together…until now.

My brother recently moved in while finishing his master’s program and, initially, I thought to myself, there’s no way this single and social millennial is going to want to live with his middle-aged, bossy sister and her chaotic and sometimes annoying family. It’ll be too much for everyone to handle. Yet, for some reason, when extra love shows up on your doorstep, there’s always room to accommodate it.



On bookstore shelves February 19, 2019, and available for e-readers March 1, 2019!

The hero and heroine of my latest story are going to have to learn all about that type of accommodation.

Now, you might’ve caught glimpses of Ethan Renault and Monica Alvarez in my previous Sugar Falls books. What many of you might not have known was that behind the scenes, there was some serious flirting and some potential relationship building going on when none of the townspeople were looking. Unfortunately, all of that changes when The SEAL’s Secret Daughter arrives in Sugar Falls…


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