Let The Promo Begin

ChristyJeffries_SugarFallsLogoSo I wrote a book, but now what?  I can’t just sit back and cross my fingers, hoping someone will buy it.  That’s where my readers (and friends and relatives) come in.  I need people who are willing to read my books and post an honest review on Amazon: Christy Jeffries, Barnes & Noble: Christy Jeffries, and Goodreads: Christy Jeffries.

And when I say honest, I kinda only mean post a review if you love the story.  If it wasn’t your cup o’ tea, that’s fine.  Please feel free to skip the review and pass the book along to a friend or the Goodwill donation box.

The better my reviews, the better my sales.  Which means Shameless Incentive Offer coming in 3…2…1…

I also get a few free copies to give away to people who will help me get the word out about my book.  Hit me up if you think you can be one of these people.


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